Council Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2017

Council Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2017

Present:  Greg Todd, Rev. Steve Gordon, Nancy Rice, Barbara Miner, Judy Harbrecht, Mary Helgeson, June Genger, Darryl Gehring, Noel Miner and Sally Phillips.

Greg opened the meeting and Rev. Steve gave the opening prayer.  The March minutes were approved as printed.  June gave the Treasurer‘s report.  Discussion and questions followed about the playground funds; June will print out the account and send a copy to each member of the council, for discussion at the May Council meeting.

Old Business:  The calendar was updated; Log deadlines are 5/26 and 6/23.  It was noted that the outside American flag is caught and needs some attention.

New Business:  Core Ministry Reports – StewardshipMary said the committee is getting the slate filled for announcement at the annual meeting.  Worship:  Noel noted the success his committee and Rev. Steve have had with the intergenerational services. They will meet next Thursday with Rev. Steve and meet soon with the confirmands.  Christian Education:  Nancy’s committee is planning for Mother’s Day and for honoring Melissa Hofstad on Spud Sunday.  Kim Harris will be helping with plans for summer get-togethers and outings in the community.  The Blessing Bags will be delivered to Friendship House and Eagle Scouts may be available to make benches for the playground area.  A question followed about who pays for Eagle Scout projects; it was suggested that Rick Stauffer be asked.  Mission & OutreachDarryl announced that Julie Gordon is his co-chair.  She is also running the KIVA loans and Bob Murphy is working on Family Promise.  Rev. Steve said that Jane Bjordahl would let someone shadow her for a year to learn how to run our Family Promise program.  Mary and Sally volunteered to meet with Jane and Bob to formulate a plan and report to the May Council meeting.  Darryl presented a ministry idea proposed by Patty Martinson concerning camp scholarships for children outside of our church.  Considerable discussion resulted in the agreement that more information was needed. Rev. Steve will look into the plan further and then meet with Greg and Darryl early next week.  Women of Mayflower:  Judy reported that the meeting next Wednesday will feature Katie Bennett, owner of Mac’s Floral, on flowers and herbs.

Other New Business:  Review of Council Outreach Questions & Answers – Barbara presented her compilation of the committees’ answers to topics from the planning meeting.  She suggested each committee look at their responses and consider whether they could support their suggestions, setting one or two priorities.  This will be discussed at the May Council meeting.   Review Bylaws – Greg will ask Anna to send copies to each council member to consider updating, i.e., should past-moderator be included in the Council.  Sabbatical Planning:  Rev. Ken Crouch will cover while Rev. Steve is gone from 6/18 to 9/18/2017. Steve will write about the plans in the coming Log.  Barbara suggested that, for continuity, one person give an announcement at the start of each worship service explaining that Rev. Steve is on sabbatical and that Rev. Ken is filling in while he is gone.  Rev. Steve and Noel will talk to Rev. Ken about his expectations; Barbara requested a printed Memorandum of Understanding.

Rev. Steve’s Report:  He reported on various members being visited and noted that the Easter service was beautiful, with the brass music, children’s choir and dedication of the blessing bags.  The Personnel Committee will be charged with replacing Melissa for Nursery Care.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Phillips, Clerk

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