Council Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2017

Council Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2017

Present:  Barbara Miner, Bobbi Yoder, Darryl Gehring, Kim Harris, Mary Helgeson, John Hauck, Steve Bjordahl, Rev. Ken Crouch, and Sally Phillips.

Barbara opened the meeting, welcoming new members, and Rev. Ken read a piece about Just Peace.  The July minutes were adopted as written and John gave the Treasurer’s report, introducing a new computer program.

Old Business:   The calendar was updated; Log deadlines are 8/18, 9/22 and 10/20.

Core Ministry Reports:   Stewardship – Mary said the stewardship campaign will run from 10/15 to 11/5 with the theme “Journey to Generosity:  the Way of Jesus”.  Worship – Rev. Ken noted that help is needed this Sunday for prepare for the patio service.  Christian Education:  Kim noted that Rally Day is 9/10, with Sunday School starting 9/17.  There will be a class of 7th and 8th graders this year and adult leaders are needed to run a movie and discussion.  The fellowship fun night at the zoo is cancelled by the zoo’s overbooking.  Sunday School always needs more teachers for 4-6 week rotations.  Youth – Kim is finishing the calendar planning for the year, starting the youth group the first Wednesday in September.  At Youth Sunday in November they will report on their mission to Anchorage.  Among the many things she has planned, the West Regional Conference will be in Hawaii in June.  Mission & Outreach – Darryl said the representative of the Apostles Build Project will present a forum after Rev. Steve returns.  The gender-neutral bathroom signs have arrived.  Check the e-mail from Julie Gordon re:  KIVA.  Resource & Operations – Steve reported that the new windows are ordered and will be in place in October.  The tree markers are also here and will be embedded in the ground by volunteers.  Re:  the cable to be obtained in late October, there are three levels of speed; the second one could enable live-streaming of services and such and costs $15 to $20 more.  A decision is to be made on that next month when Steve has the exact numbers.  He will also look into quiet fans for the fellowship hall and sanctuary.  Women of Mayflower – Bobbi noted the first meeting of the year will be 9/27 at noon with a program by Julie Bishop.

Pastor’s Report:  Rev. Ken submitted a written report of his activities during the month.  He suggested a column about where our last 100 graduates are now; Kim will help him.

Other New Business:  Noel Miner and Dondu Small presented a request for temporary financial support for a Kurdish family in Billings who are applying for asylum.  Other churches and groups are also being asked for emergency funds first and then six months of support.  Darryl moved that we supply $500 in emergency help and then open it to the congregation for donations.  That was seconded.  After considerable discussion, it was decided to commit to giving $3500 total, with $1500 given immediately.  With that change the motion passed.  We will ask Tim Small to speak to the congregation about the need on 8/27.  Individual donations will be accepted to offset that amount.  Mary moved that we use the Ping account; it was seconded and the motion passed.

Greg Todd had suggested the need for a committee to discuss the whole church financial picture.  John will discuss this with Greg and if he needs the committee he will let the council know.  Mary reported that a sub-committee is working on plans for our Family Promise program as Steve and Jane Bjordahl have given so much and we need to involve more volunteers.  Nancy Rice is developing a bulletin board to feature volunteering opportunities.  Rev. Ken and Barbara suggested a statement be made in the newspaper re:  Mayflower’s position on the white supremacy movement, including our position on Just Peace.  Council members are to look at the statement on Just Peace on our website.

Coffee Hour for September is the responsibility of Resource & Operations, and the idea of including other volunteers in serving coffee hour was discussed.

Barbara adjourned the meeting; Rev. Ken led a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Phillips, Clerk

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