Council Meeting Minutes – December 21, 2017

Council Meeting Minutes – December 21, 2017

Present:   Rev. Steve Gordon, Barbara Miner, Greg Todd, Mary Helgeson, Nancy Rice, John Hauck, Ann Hall, Judy Harbrecht, Kim Harris, Steve Bjordahl, Mark Ferguson, Noel Miner, and Sally Phillips.

Barbara opened the meeting; Rev. Steve gave the prayer.  Mark spoke to the need for funds for Camp Mimanagish for necessary maintenance.  The Columbus church has challenged other churches to give $5,000 by the end of 2017.  After much discussion, Ann made a motion for Mayflower Church to pledge $5,000 for Camp Mimanagish and fulfill it through fundraising as much as possible.  It was seconded and passed.  Judy suggested we appoint a committee immediately to handle it; everyone is asked to think of names to suggest for the committee, which will include Mark.

Rev. Steve spoke about the Kurdish Family financial drive, to clarify some misunderstandings.  Steve B. said that R & O approved committing $500 per month for 7 months, equaling $3500, raising the funds and supplementing with money from the Ping fund.  Others thought we committed $3500 from Ping fund, with fundraising above that.  Noel, Chair of the Steering Committee for the Kurdish Family,  said that he and Dondu Small had asked the Council for:   (1) a one-month emergency check for $500, (2) six months  of $500 per month from the church (through Feb. 2018), and (3) a separate account for extra money over the $500 to get to $1500.  Noel pointed out that the council added $1000 emergency money to the $3500 requested.  Through December there has been $1500 available every month with the personal donations, plus $600 raised at a dinner.  Steve B. moved that Mayflower commit $4500 from the Ping fund to the Kurdish family.  The total includes: $1500 given in August as the emergency money and $500 given each of 6 months, September 2017 through February 2018, for a total commitment of $4500. Any personal donations will go to the family. The motion passed unanimously.

The November minutes were approved and John gave the Treasurer’s report, including Anna’s stewardship statistics.

Old Business:  The calendars were updated; the Log deadlines are 12/22, 1/26 and 2/23.  Ann presented the coffee hour assignments for 2018. Sign-up sheets in the pews will be smaller, to involve non-committee members in the coffee hour.

New Business:  Core Ministry Reports – Stewardship:  Mary met with John, Steve B and Anna about the new online giving program.  Anna has the information and there will be a help table in January.  Worship:  Ann noted that sign-ups for greeters are still going on.  Christian Education:  Nancy reported that two more teachers are needed for January.  The Christmas program went very well as did the sales by the kids at the bazaar.  Youth:  Kim said the younger kids made and took ornaments to residents at West Park Village, led by Tim Small.  The Fellowship Fun Night on Jan. 12 will be at the Food Bank, a pizza bake-off, for $5 plus a canned good. The overnight retreat will have at least 30 kids with lots of activities planned.  She is also planning OWL groups for the spring.  Mission & Outreach:  Rev. Steve reported on the KIVA loan program:   under the leadership of Julie Gordon, our original $10,000 loan has now grown to over $18,000.  Resource & Operations:  Steve B said the window glazing in the Fellowship Hall will occur in January, as will the underground internet from Spectrum.  Rev. Steve asked that R & O get people to sand the walks when there is less than 2 inches of snow on Sundays.  Women of Mayflower:  Judy said the bazaar was successful and made $4000.  The January 24th speaker will be Mary Helgeson, about her trip to Madagascar.

Other New Business:  Mary announced that Lisa Donnot, Director of Family Promise, will give a training presentation on Jan. 28 after church.  Postcards will be sent to most of the usual volunteers and the other two cooperating churches will be notified.  Judy brought up the Billings Gazette’s new policies regarding charging for church information.

Pastor’s Report:  Rev. Steve noted that there will be three services on Sunday, Dec. 24, with a dedication of a child at the 4:00 service.  He then closed the meeting with a prayer.                               Respectfully submitted, Sally Phillips, Clerk

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