Council Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2017

Council Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2017

Present:  Greg Todd, Darryl Gehring, June Genger, Mary Helgeson, Barbara Miner, Nancy Rice, Judy Harbrecht and Sally Phillips.

Greg opened the meeting with prayer.  The minutes of the January Council meeting and the 1/21 Planning Session were adopted as printed.  June gave the Treasurer’s report, noting that the compilation was still in process and would be completed by the next meeting.

Old Business:  The calendar was updated; the LOG deadlines being 3/24 and 4/21.  The Lenten Soup Suppers will be at Mayflower on 3/8, 3/22 and 4/5 and the committees responsible for providing soup and bread were allocated as follows:  3/8 Stewardship and Worship, 3/22 Resource & Operations and Christian Education, 4/5 Women of Mayflower and Mission & Outreach.

New Business:  Core Ministry Reports – Stewardship:  Mary said they are seeking members for committees and asked that chairs let her committee know if they have someone in mind so they can ask that person.  Christian Education:  Nancy mentioned the blessing bags for which supplies are being collected, and that the children want to provide benches near the playground with their fundraising.  Included in their plans are the Mayflower Oscars (Sweetheart Dinner) and Family Fun Night at the Zoo.  Mission & Outreach:  Darryl noted that Elaine Black will give a Lenten Moment on “5 for 5” offerings, and that the Empower Montana Worship will take place on 3/25, possibly from 9 to 3:00. Darryl asked Barbara for the meaning of no. 6 of the outreach questions, and she said to keep track of expenditures and keep to the budget. Women of Mayflower:  Judy announced that Con Spirito will perform at the next meeting, on 2/22, and they are looking for a new service project.

Other New Business:  Planning Session and Outreach Questions (e-mailed to council members on 2/7/17):  Every committee is to get answers to each question to Barbara by 3/31 and she will compile the list for the council meeting on 4/20.  She asked that they be sent by e-mail in Word or embedded in e-mail.  Barbara is also committed to consolidating the list of outreach and inreach projects – send to her by 2/28.  Barbara will work with Anna re: the website, and update the bulletin board.

Darryl asked what became of the discussion about having announcements scrolling on the screen before the service.  This was an idea suggested to get the attention of the congregation re:  announcements.  Greg responded that there are pros and cons and we agreed to discuss it at the next Council meeting.

Greg closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Phillips, Clerk


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