Council Meeting Minutes – January 19, 2017

Council Meeting Minutes – January 19, 2017

Present:  Greg Todd, Noel Miner, June Genger, Mary Helgeson, Rev. Steve Gordon, Steve Bjordahl, Nancy Rice, Linda Boggio, Darryl Gehring and Sally Phillips

Greg called the meeting to order and Rev. Steve read a version of The Lord’s Prayer.  December minutes were adopted as printed, and June gave the Treasurer’s report.  All committee budgets are needed before the Quarterly Meeting and are due this Sunday.

Old Business:  The calendars were updated.  Log deadlines are 1/20, 2/17 and 3/24.  Regarding the security updates, quotes have been obtained for re-keying.

New Business:  Core Ministry Reports – Stewardship:  Mary reported that members of her committee and the worship committee went through church records and updated the rolls.  This will affect the per capita payments.  The possibility of asking for donation toward the per capita payment on the pledge cards was discussed.  Worship:  Noel noted that their committee would be meeting with confirmands to share faith stories this weekend.  Christian Education:  Nancy said that the Sweetheart Dinner on 2/19 will feature the “Mayflower Oscars”.  They are looking into a junior high curriculum for next year.  Youth:  Kim Harris submitted a report listing activities planned, including the Twelfth Night Feast this weekend and Our Whole Lives classes scheduled, with a parent orientation meeting on 1/31.  Mission & Outreach:  Darryl is currently researching past mission activity to make people more aware of what we are doing.  KIVA information will be re-posted on the bulletin board.  Resource & Operations:  Steve Bjordahl noted their focus on the budget and pledges.  Jed Barton will be seeking designations for memorials on account.  Priorities are removal of dead trees, sliding door repair, replacement of exit door from sanctuary and windows along covered walkway.    Women of Mayflower:  Linda announced the next meeting, 1/25, with Carol Scovill as speaker.

Other New Business:  The Strategic Planning Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 1/21, and all indicated they would attend.  For the potluck at the Quarterly Meeting, Council members will set the tables at 8:30 a.m., Sunday 1/29 and will be assisted by choir members on coffee duty that day.

Rev. Steve’s Report:  Planning is underway with Rev. Mike Mulberry for the Lenten dinner meetings and Rev. Steve will be presenting a weekly study meeting during Lent.  The Ash Wednesday service will take place at First Church.  He is participating in a Progressive Clergy Group which will appear on the Community TV Channel this Sunday evening, defining the progressive voice.  Good progress has been made with the visitation team and training is being planned.

Greg adjourned the meeting and Rev. Steve led the group in reciting The Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Phillips, Clerk

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