Council Meeting Minutes – July 20, 2017

Mayflower Congregational Church, UCC
Council Meeting Minutes – July 20, 2017

Present:  Rev. Ken Crouch, Greg Todd, Steve Bjordahl, Darryl Gehring, Noel Miner, Kim Harris, Barbara Miner, Judy Harbrecht, June Genger, Nancy Rice, and Sally Phillips.

Greg opened the meeting and Rev. Ken gave the prayer.  The minutes were approved and there were no calendar updates.  June gave the Treasurer’s Report, showing income is up.

Core Ministry Reports – Stewardship:  Judy said the new slate will be in the annual report.  The theme for the next stewardship drive is “Journey to Generosity:  the Way of Jesus” and is planned for the four Sundays ending on November 12.  Worship:  Noel thanked Rev. Ken for his sermons and meeting with his committee.  He also thanked the Moderator for introductions and welcoming at the beginning of the services.  Worship committee will meet with Welcome Aboard. Greg suggested that Welcome Aboard needs more contact with visitors.  Christian Education:  Nancy reported that they are not getting enough volunteers to help on Sundays.  Judy suggested hiring someone, perhaps a student, to lead Adventure Hours, and Barbara suggested that each committee take a Sunday Adventure Hour next year.  Youth:  With CE, Kim is planning a “Zoo Night” for the entire church in August.  The Mission Trip to Anchorage, AK lasted 8 days; they will give a presentation about the trip on Youth Sunday.  The Jr. High OWL class this week was a success.   Mission & Outreach:  Darryl said the two gender-neutral signs are ready for the restrooms.  He discussed the Apostles Build program further and Judy moved that the Council propose to the congregation at the annual meeting that Mayflower become involved in the Apostles Build program for calendar year 2018.  Seconded and passed.  Resource and Operations:  Steve noted that the re-roof and gutters are completed.  The next priority is reconstruction of the glass wall in the fellowship hall by Rich Helgeson.  New cots have been purchased for Family Promise and will be stored in the east end classroom where a closet is planned for Family Promise storage.  He will bring plans and cost to the next meeting.  We have committed to Charter for broadband internet to be installed in October.  The six-month-trial of the payroll service with Anderson ZurMuehlen is now active and will allow direct deposit of payroll checks.  Women of Mayflower:  Judy noted that there will be birthday cake at the upcoming potluck so announcements should note that.

Rev. Ken’s Report – Rev. Ken distributed a written report of his activities, a copy of an article by the UCC President and the report from CAM.  For the patio worship service on 8/20 he asked that participants bring poetry/prose or favorite scripture.  His pulpit trade with Rev. Stacie has been changed to 8/27.

Other New BusinessReview of Council Outreach Responses – three committees submitted priorities.  Noel said the worship committee questions their responsibility for obtaining shepherds for new members.   Ken suggested giving them mugs or something.  Noel suggested that Stewardship repeat priorities during their drive to keep them in front of the church.  Barbara concluded that we need quarterly feedback and prioritizing.

Greg proposed a committee to discuss the whole church financial picture, including the new Treasurer, Moderator or Vice Moderator, R & O representative, and one other member.  He asked that committees give highlights of their reports at the annual meeting instead of reading their written report.  Discussion of plans for the use of the Ping money will be continued later.  It was suggested that it be set aside for awarding as grants to applicants.

Barbara, Noel, Darryl and Greg are to arrive at 9:00 a.m. Sunday 7/30, to set up for the potluck.  All other members will stay after the annual meeting to clean up

Greg adjourned the meeting with Rev. Ken giving the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Phillips, Clerk

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