Council Meeting Minutes – June 15, 2017

Council Meeting Minutes – June 15, 2017

Present:  June Genger, Kim Harris, Rev. Ken Crouch, Judy Harbrecht, Darryl Gehring, Greg Todd, Tyler Bush, Nancy Rice, and Sally Phillips.

Greg opened the meeting with prayer.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed and June presented the Treasurer’s report.  The money raised by the Sunday School for the playground was moved to the Ping Memorial fund to replace money spent.   June received a puzzling letter from the Dept. of Revenue which she will copy and send to council members.

In lieu of calendar updates it was announced that the Annual Meeting will be held July 30 and all committee chairs and officers should submit their Annual Report by July 7.  Fellowship Fun Nights are planned for June 22, July 6, July 20 and August 10.

Core Ministry Reports – Stewardship:  Judy said they have almost all positions filled and want suggestions.  Worship:  Rev. Ken will be attending their next meeting on June 25.  Christian Education:  Nancy said the calendar is set up for Sunday School, and a Junior High Class is planned.  They have worked on the Children’s Garden and planning for the outdoor Fellowship Fun Nights, with a banner outside to invite the neighborhood; Council OK’d the cost.  Nancy will look into arranging a bulletin board that will have space for each committee to post needs, activities, etc.  Youth:  Kim is finishing VBS tomorrow and taking 14 people on the mission trip.  The participants will be commissioned on June 25.  A week-long Jr. High OWL class will be given in early August.  Mission & Outreach:  Darryl passed around pictures of gender-neutral bathroom signs which his committee is considering.  Of our KIVA loans, $4000 has been repaid and is re-loaned.  He will possibly bring the Apostles Build program information to the Annual Meeting.  Resource & Operations:  Tyler reminded the council that the roofing will begin next week and that tree removal and trimming has begun.  Starting in July a six-month trial of outsourcing the payroll services will be in operation, with Anderson ZurMuehlen.  Judy suggested that we have a core group look into streamlining the responsibilities of the Treasurer and Anna in the payroll/financial services area.  Nancy suggested we need two signatures on payroll checks.

Other New Business:  Review of the Outreach Questions and Answers, and documentation of the things we do, is postponed until Barbara Miner is present.  Rev. Ken suggested the money in the bank for the Food Bank be sent now.  Judy asked about the tree markers which were obtained in January 2016 and are not yet put into the ground; Tyler will look into it.

Greg adjourned the meeting and Rev. Ken offered a prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Phillips, Clerk

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