Council Meeting Minuts – November 16, 2017

Council Meeting Minutes – November 16, 2017

Present: Rev. Steve Gordon, Barbara Miner, Ann Hall, Mary Helgeson, Judy Harbrecht, Darryl Gehring, Steve Bjordahl, Nancy Rice, John Hauck, Kim Harris, and Sally Phillips. Barbara opened the meeting, thanking Nancy for leading last month’s meeting, and Rev. Steve gave the opening prayer. The October minutes were approved. John presented the Treasurer’s report; comparing this year to last year. Steve B. asked whether there was a deficit at the end of 2016; John will check.

Old Business: The calendars were updated; Log deadlines are 11/24, 12/22, and 1/26. Ann gave a report on the coffee hour planning. It was agreed that the Council would be dropped from the list of those responsible for coffee hour; Judy suggested the food be put on the table instead of the counter to make the line move more easily. We need the names of people who are not on a committee to help with coffee serving; we will have a sign-up sheet for volunteers to set up and bring food, serve and clean up. The youth can help serve but will not be responsible for bringing treats. Ann will set up the rotation chart. For December this year, the Council’s responsibilities are as follows: 12/3 Darryl and Steve B., 12/10 Mary and Judy, 12/17, Nancy, John and the Youth Group, 12/24, Barbara and Judy, and 12/31, Ann and Sally.
Rev. Steve reported on the Kurdish Family: the mother just lost her father in Kurdistan and the children are doing well in school. The Steering Committee will meet Sunday. Barbara suggested the previous description of the fund for them should be clarified as follows: Clarification of August, 2017, minutes regarding the Kurdish family fund: Total commitment from Mayflower is $3500 for August, 2017, through February, 2018 ($500/month), with donations from the congregation going toward that amount. $1500 of the total is to be given immediately. Another $1000/month will come from donations outside of our congregation, with all donations going through the Mayflower account.

New Business: Core Ministry Reports – Stewardship: Mary’s committee will be reminding pledgers of money owed at the end of the year. Worship: Ann noted the congregation will receive ten new members this Sunday, with their shepherds. We still need greeters; men will greet on the third Sunday. Rev. Steve will need help from the committee for a baptism on 11/26 and for the greening of the church with communion on 12/3. Christian Education: Nancy announced that the Soup and Salad luncheon raised $917 for the youth mission trip. Adventure Hour is scheduled for 11/26, 12/24 and 12/31. The Christmas pageant is set for 12/17. Youth: Kim described the Teen Class and Youth Sunday, both with good participation, and plans for the overnight on 12/22. The Fellowship Fun Night is now scheduled for 1/12 at the Food Bank. Ten to eleven kids from the two churches are planning to attend the Western Regional in Hawaii. Mission & Outreach: Darryl and Barbara reported that new dates are set for the Apostles Build sign-up; and that previous work and lunch days have been successful. Resource & Operations: Steve B. said the new windows are in and ready to be installed. Online giving is going to be presented soon. Women of Mayflower: Judy mentioned yesterday’s meeting with Family Services and that the next meeting, 1/24, will feature Mary speaking on her trip to Madagascar. WOM has gifted $1300 to various groups. Camp Mimanagish: Rev. Steve noted that $50,000 is needed for the camp.
Rev. Steve led the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned by Barbara.

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Phillips, Clerk

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