Quarterly Meeting Minutes


Quarterly Meeting Minutes, November 6, 2016

Moderator Greg Todd called the meeting to order during the coffee hour, and Rev. Steve Gordon opened with prayer.  Greg dispensed with the reading of the minutes.

June Genger presented the Treasurer’s Report and Budget, giving a detailed explanation of the Balance Sheet and Budget Report.  The budget shows -$19,000 in income over expenses for September.

Committee Reports:  Welcome Aboard – Rev. Steve thanked the committee for their work on the reception for new members.

Stewardship – Mary Helgeson thanked her committee for their work on the current campaign and urged the congregation to bring pledge cards next Sunday and stay for the meal. 

Mission & Outreach – Darryl Gehring noted previous successes such as sponsoring the Habitat House.  Currently the committee will be reprioritizing projects, such as Dress a Child, Food Bank Work Day, KIVA, and others.  Julie Gordon reported on KIVA:  we have begun funding microloans including one in Peru and one in Southern Madagascar.  She will post the details on the bulletin board as more projects are chosen.  Carole Baumann will be requesting of the Council that some of the KIVA funds be donated to Father Nauman’s Amani Development Organization to assist with raising chickens.

Women of Mayflower – Judy Harbrecht announced the Bazaar on December 3, reminding participants to get ready.

Resource & Operations – Rich Helgeson said that the contract is signed for the current roofing repairs.

Worship – Noel Miner sent a written report noting his committee’s focus on intergenerational services.  Three areas of concern are:  people talking about their lives and the role of faith, having children and youth participate in the rituals of the church, and planning for a session in the spring on church history.

Pastor’s Report – Rev. Steve said that the Visitation Team is being renewed.  A tea and pie event is being planned to be held at Westpark Village for church members.  Also, he is involved with Faith Impacts in Billings, which will be commemorating National Hunger and Homeless Week starting next weekend.  At the worship service next Sunday he will show a documentary emphasizing awareness of hunger and homelessness.  Rev. Steve referred to Paige Tocco’s suggestion of providing backpacks for needy children and announced that Matt Lundgren of Friendship House will be at the church next Sunday to work with the children on that plan.

Doug McClelland, a member-at-large of the United Church of Christ Board of Directors, presented new statements of the national church:  a vision statement, a purpose statement and a mission statement.

Greg noted that lots of good work is going on in this congregation and thanked the members.  He adjourned the meeting, with Rev. Steve giving the benediction.

Respectfully submitted,   Sally Phillips, Clerk

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