Annual Meeting Minutes

July 30, 2017

After a potluck lunch, Moderator Greg Todd welcomed attendees and Rev. Ken Crouch opened the meeting with prayer.  Ed Stickney moved that the minutes of the Quarterly and Annual Meetings be approved; motion seconded and passed by voice vote.  June Genger gave the Treasurer’s Report.

Committee Reports:  Worship – Noel Miner thanked his committee and Rev. Ken, and also honored Betty Ranney for her long-standing service to the congregation.  He highlighted the committee’s two goals:  more inter-generational services and inspirational talks by adult members at the children’s time.

Mission and Outreach – Darryl Gehring pointed out that mission and outreach involves the whole congregation.  He noted the bulletin board about the KIVA project and described Apostles Build, a project of Habitat for Humanity.  He moved that Mayflower look into becoming involved with Apostles Build.  Discussion followed about whether more study was needed first, and Judy Harbrecht proposed an amendment to the motion to proceed with involvement in the program now.  The amendment passed and then the main motion passed.  Mayflower will commit money and time to Apostles Build for calendar year 2018.

Christian Education – Nancy Rice noted their attempts to involve the congregation in activities like the Fellowship Fun Nights and announced plans for a Zoo Night in August.  They are ready for the next Sunday School year.

Resource and Operations – Steve Bjordahl reported that we will be upgrading to broadband internet with Charter in October/November.  The glass wall in the Fellowship Hall is the next priority for work.

Stewardship – Mary Helgeson thanked her committee members and called attention to page 12 of the annual report, listing the slate of officers and committees.  The new stewardship campaign will start in October.  She also noted that she will be collecting eyeglasses to take to Madagascar when she and son Matt visit son Chris and Heather in September.

Synod Report – Doug McClelland presented a written report of General Synod 31, which he attended in July, highlighting the resolutions on which they voted and suggesting more information be sought at  He recommended attending Synod as an inspiring experience.  Doug also reported that he and Donna Forbes manage an endowment in memory of his father and that this year Ryan Roach of Mayflower was awarded a scholarship.

Rev. Steve Gordon’s report is included in the written annual report.

Frontier Communities:  Andy Black, a member of the board, called attention to the three 24-unit facilities in Red Lodge, Laurel and Hardin, and asked for volunteers to join the board.  There are lunch meetings two times per year.

Retiring Moderator:  Greg thanked all who helped him this year and said the congregation should be proud of themselves for all their accomplishments.  The Council is future-looking, had a planning session and will continue to improve and plan.  He then presented retiring Treasurer, June Genger, with gifts in appreciation for her decades of service.  Julie Bishop thanked Greg for his service as Moderator.

New Business:  Sue Anderson moved that the proposed Slate of Officers be elected for the year 2017-2018.  It was seconded and passed by voice vote.

After those present sang the hymn, “Called as Partners in Christ’s Service”, Rev. Ken led a closing prayer and Greg adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Phillips, Secretary


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