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Minutes of Annual Meeting, July 31, 2016

Rev. Steve Gordon opened with prayer and a potluck lunch was served.  After a singing of the hymn, “Called as Partners in Christ’s Service”, Moderator Gayle Zickuhr presented the minutes of the previous quarterly and annual meetings, which were approved by a show of hands.

Treasurer’s Report:  June Genger went over line items.  Rev. Steve mentioned that he will take a sabbatical leave from mid-June to mid-September, 2017, the budgeted money being for replacements.

Committee Reports:  Worship – Noel Miner said they are planning a special project to improve intergenerational services.  He corrected the list in the report for his committee to add Ann Hall and Jeri Heard, deleting Janet Devous.

Mission and Outreach – Elaine Black thanked everyone for support of our Habitat House and other projects.  Julie Gordon presented descriptions of individuals and families available for the KIVA microloan project.  Mayflower has an account and a contact and the committee will choose to whom we will loan.  See for more information.  Arla Beal thanked the congregation for support of the United Campus Ministry at MSU-B, and Rev. Steve noted we also support the ministry at Rocky and CUE.

Resource and Operations – Tyler Bush reported that the sanctuary roof is completed, as is the carpeting.  Another claim, for replacement of the asphalt roof, is being submitted, and window replacement and finishing the playground are coming.  He thanked his committee members.  The committee has tried to standardize the memorial policy and wrote a “Gifts Acceptance Policy” which is posted on the bulletin board.  Carole Baumann suggested that we submit proposals to the Council for nurturing and enhancement of our church, mission and people, beyond bricks and mortar.  Tyler gave special thanks to Bill Harbrecht and helpers who mow the lawn and pick up the sticks weekly.

Stewardship – Carl Hansen reminded committees to let Anna Nentwig know about all planned meetings, submit all minutes for posting, and make sure she has the names of each chairperson.

Christian Education – Tanya Bush reported that they have the new curriculum for fall, and the year is planned.  Volunteers are needed to take four-week blocks starting in October, singly or in pairs.  Kick-off will be in September.  Young Families Potlucks are being planned to start this fall.

Minister’s Report:  Rev. Steve plans to accept new members in September.  There will be a big choice of opportunities for education this coming year.  Rev. Steve thanked Gayle for her work as Moderator this year, noting she was a big help when he was ill.

New Business:  Judy Harbrecht suggested that we help the Montana Rescue Mission which needs meals due to flooding.  She collected money and names of volunteers, and Ken Crouch suggested the Souper Bowl money in the bank also go to the Mission.  Gayle presented the slate of officers and committees which was accepted by voice vote. DeeeDee Welhaven offered thanks to  all who serve on the council and Rev. Steve added the Bjordahls and other Family Promise volunteers.  Bobbi Yoder added Judy Harbrecht and Linda Boggio for their work with Women of Mayflower.

Rev. Steve closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Phillips, Clerk

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